The main objective is to support rural employment through the implementation of the BEC methodology – Business and Employment Co-operatives Initiatives. The co-operative provides support for self-employment of people disadvantaged on the labour market based on the principles of social economy and social entrepreneurship.

Our Approach:

• The innovative aspects of the BEC method consist in leading groups of people to gain entrepreneurial skills through training, coaching, and mentoring.
• BEC offers the starting entrepreneurs an easy transition from inactivity to self-employment.
• Under the expert guidance the new entrepreneurs can experiment with their business ideas.
• It provides a safe environment with the support of a group of people who are dealing with similar problems and want to share their enthusiasm and experiences.
• The created environment of mutual support helps starting entrepreneurs to further develop their business activities.
• BEC helps to overcome one of the most discouraging obstacles in business development – isolation, lack of ambition, knowledge and confidence necessary for the development of entrepreneurial careers.

Our Activities:

  • Business support – we initiate the development of business activities mainly in rural areas and offer innovative support tools to entities engaged in economic activity, regardless of their legal form.
  • Project management – we offer a comprehensive approach in the preparation and implementation of projects for private and non-profit sectors and public administration.
  • Employment – we implement programmes aimed at activating people disadvantaged on the labour market in order to achieve their sustainable employment.
  • Strategic planning – we introduce innovative approaches, methods and techniques in the processes of improving management systems. Our approach is based on activation, i.e. initiating a joint action to achieve particular changes, not only preparation of a development document – so called Strategic Plan.
  • Education – in collaboration with many partner organizations, we specialize in interactive educational programmes and training approaches that include business support, counselling skills, exchange and dissemination of examples of good practice, and innovation in social entrepreneurship.