Fourth Transnational Project Meeting in Rzeszów

Fourth partners meeting in Poland

The fourth project meeting took place in Rzeszow (Poland) on 07th-08th June 2018. The meeting has been hosted by INNEO and EDUKATOR, coordinator and Polish partner of the project.

The meeting started with discussing piloting in each partner country on local level. The next part has been discussion on evaluation of piloting on local level.

Intellectual Output 2

Training on local level (piloting) has been discussed. The COMTRAIN project involves two Polish partners (INNEO and EDUKATOR) therefore in Poland it assumed two editions of training on local level. INNEO and EDUKATOR have presented the second edition that took place from 27th January to 4th April.

Polish partners presented the training course and evaluation report based on evaluation forms filled by participants. It was highlighted that the training has been evaluated on very good level.

Each partner (Siglo22, BEC Druzstvo, FIP and LMC) presented piloting on local level. Similar as in Poland the training has been evaluated on very good level. Trainers of LMC are interested in conducting training using COMTRAIN model after end of project development.

In each country the training program has been slightly modified to be adapted to the national context.


At the end of the meeting, partners discussed possible follow-up for the project. Partners agreed that having in mind very good evaluation of COMTRAIN piloting and training program, the project should be continued. It was proposed that the extended project will be submitted. The new proposed project would include on-line service with exercises for participants of the training, so they could use and fix knowledge gained during piloting in practical way.

The last step of the final meeting was issuing certificates of attendance to partners. Coordinator thanked all the partners for good work and common development of results in the project and the meeting was closed.

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