LMC Colour

LMC is a public sector college of further education and the main provider of vocational training in North Lancashire and South Cumbria. It currently has around 1500 full-time students & 3000+ part-time students in blended or workplace learning, outreach community classes and at the main college site. Its main role is to provide training in vocational skills to students of all ability levels and ages, leading to employment and/or academic skills leading to a University place.

LMC success rates are in the top 10% of colleges in the UK, and the key to our success is a strong set of values which permeates all aspects of our college life including transnational activity. LMC has been part of many innovative international projects and student centered initiatives in the past. As well as being the proud holder of an International School Award for its innovative transnational work and a past holder of a Certificate in Quality for Mobility, LMC is committed to developing a deep and sustainable international approach to widening the horizons of its staff and students alike.

LMC believes in making sure that their students, volunteers and members of staff feel, not only safe and valued, but also supported in realising their full potential. The LMC mission statement clearly sets out their role in the community, „Providing Lancaster and Morecambe and surrounding communities with an outstanding student experience fulfilling vocational, personal and employment goals.”

Rated Good by OFSTED, LMC is now aiming to be a, „beacon of vocational excellence leading to higher education and to employment’ as the mission statement declares. The way it deals with youths, young people and youth work on the whole reflects their commitment to enhancing the lives of everyone connected to the organisation.

Amongst the LMC offer is a large programme of informal learning and enrichment opportunities that serve to increase the quality of lives of students and those within the community. These include LMC volunteers, the LMC Students Union and other informal groups.