Who are we?

The project COMTRAIN – „Computer Service Training for Personal and Professional Development” is the partnership in the framework of Erasmus+ Adult Education program. The subject of the project is computer service training including personal and professional development. The target group of the project are adult persons (in particular aged 50+) who have lack the skills in the field of computer service. The project is developed by six partners: INNEO (Poland), Lancaster & Morecambe College (UK), Fundacion Siglo22 (Spain), BEC Druzstvo (Czech Republic), Future in Perspective Ltd (Ireland) and CK Edukator (Poland).

Support through computer service training

In many European countries are organized training courses related to computer service, which are designed to reduce the digital gap dividing older and younger generations. The vast majority of these courses aim to provide adult learners with the technical skills connected with computers and basic programs. Adult people (especially aged 50+) belong to the people of the difficult situation on the labour market. In connection with the economic crisis, those effects are still being felt to a large extent. Many workers in this age have lost their jobs and are now unemployed. Adult people, in particular those who are struggling with difficult situation on labour market (e.g. unemployment) are also at risk of social exclusion and isolation.

The project Comtrain has been created in order to support adult people in social and professional development through computer service training. The aim of the project is to exchange experiences and good practices in the implementation of computer service training courses among the partners and the common development of a training program. It should take into account not only the support for the computer, but also use it for social and professional development. Developed training program will allow adult participants to acquire social and professional skills. The training program will be a mainstay for conducting training courses by each partner on national level.

The next steps

Each output of the project will be the result of cooperation on international level. Each intellectual output developed will be uploaded on the website (as well as distributed in traditional form – hard copy format and electronic form – PDF format). The website with all the results will be maintained at least till the end of Erasmus+ program.

We strongly invite you to stay in touch and see our next steps!